HQ Not Covered by Additional Insured Status in Two Cases

HQ Not Covered by Additional Insured Status in Two Cases

Gyms are unique and not one is the same. But, almost every gym has at least one contract that is integral to the business. In some cases, it’s a lease agreement for the rented property, but in others, it is a license agreement to use the brand of another entity. Within these contracts are specific […]

Fitness Business Insurance for Gyms

Owning a gym is a great business in a society where health and wellness are at the core of their lifestyle. Providing an atmosphere that gives your members the ability to take control of their health is rewarding and can provide a sufficient source of revenue. This business also requires an upfront investment in equipment […]

Gym Legal Requirements: What You Need to Run a Gym

Opening a gym is a big step–and chances are, you’re incredibly excited about it. It’s a great journey that will help you advance your clients on their path to health and wellness, allow you to develop a great source of income, and even improve your health journey. As a gym owner, you will experience many […]

Cost of Building a Gym Business

A recent nationwide survey of adults ranging in age from 18 to 65 revealed the average American spends $155 per month on gym memberships, personal trainers, nutritional meal plans, supplements, and fitness gear. These expenses total approximately $112,000 throughout a person’s life, more costly than a four-year degree at a public institution of higher learning. American’s investments in […]


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