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Equipment Financing

We've partnered with leading financial institutions to customize plans.

Customized Financing Options

We’ve partnered with leading financial institutions to customize plans that work well for fitness facility owners. We’ll arrange 100% financing of your equipment, software, and more. We understand each gym is not created equal, and we’ve created a solution to work with your needs. With our plans you’ll have:

  • Minimal or no money down payments
  • Payments to match your cash flow
  • The ability to save your cash for other important expenses

Increase Your ROI

With customized equipment financing you’ll be able to make incremental payments that work for you, rather than paying a lump sum for your equipment. The equipment will generate revenue and you’ll be able to customize your payments to match cash flow.

Bundle Your Expenses

We’re interested in saving you time with administrative tasks so that you can focus on training your clients. With equipment financing, you’ll be able to bundle your equipment, installation, and maintenance expenses into a single, easy-to-manage solution.

Conserve Your Cash

Starting a business is hard and cash is usually sparse to get up and running. By utilizing financing services you can save your cash for other improvements, marketing, or payroll.


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