5 Steps to Opening Your Gym as Safely as Possible

5 Steps to Opening Your Gym as Safely as Possible

Consider the following: When you reopen your gym’s doors in the upcoming days or weeks, you’re taking on a risk. Period. The virus isn’t gone, nor is it going away in the next few months. Worst case scenario, you have an outbreak at your gym, people become sick or worse, and your reputation gets tarnished. […]

5-Step Gym Risk Assessment Checklist

An important aspect of being a successful fitness or gym business owner is considering every potential risk that can impact member safety and ultimately, your facility’s reputation and operations and implementing measures to reduce them. Anything that affects guest and trainer safety, or the gym and its equipment ultimately impact the owner. To make it […]

Recovery for the General Population: Focus on the Basics

Rest and recovery: We know it’s important, so we find ourselves searching for the best recovery tricks and tools to make us less sore and feel more fresh and ready to train. But instead of only focusing on tools to facilitate recovery, consider this concept instead: If general population clients need highly complex recovery protocols, […]

OPEX Coaches on the Do’s and Don’ts to Keep Your Clients Safe

Do you take a Procustean approach to coaching?  If you do, you’re putting your clients’ safety at risk, explained OPEX CCP Coach Kevin Don, a man with 20 years of coaching experience.  By Procustean, he is referring to Procustes, an ancient Greek mythological figure and the son of Poseidon, the Greek God of the Sea. […]

How Do I Plan a Safe Fitness Event at My Gym?

Planning an event is a fun way to continue to build a sense of community and an exciting challenge for the competitors. However, planning a safe and successful event can be stressful. If you think through the common pitfalls listed below, you should be in great shape! Venue As you think through the basic details […]


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