Workers’ Compensation Surprises: Audits and Audit Disputes

Workers’ Compensation Surprises: Audits and Audit Disputes

As we discussed in some of our previous blog posts[1], Workers’ Compensation is fun!… or not because SURPRISE! You’ve been hit with a $10,000 premium audit for your most recent policy term! We wish we were kidding when we say that this happens, but we aren’t. For anyone that has had ever dealt with a […]

Workers’ Compensation – The Basics

Workers’ Compensation is a confusing monster. There are state and federal regulations to contend with and no one really knows what they need. Then there is price to deal with and annual audits… We are here to help clear some of these issues up for you, offer suggestions, and a solution! What is Workers’ Compensation? […]

Owners and Workers’ Compensation Coverage

No, we aren’t talking about having FOMO for not being invited to that virtual party your neighbor hosted last weekend. We are talking about Workers’ Compensation insurance instead! Aren’t you excited!?! But really, although it seems as simple as choosing to be included in coverage, it is not and we are going to have a […]

Mobile Gym Training: What Insurance Do You Need?

Since March of this year when COVID-19 became a stark reality, things have been changing rapidly and many times without warning. Business owners have been doing all they can to adapt and keep their businesses running. Like so many others, gyms were forced to temporarily close due to the pandemic and owners had to come […]

CrossFit Gym Insurance Cost

The key to any good insurance plan is to make sure you get a plan that is the right fit for your business. You need to have the proper insurance you’re legally required to hold, enough coverage to protect your needs, but you don’t want to pay high cost premiums for factors that don’t apply […]

Health Insurance Is Here

Over the last three years our team has obsessed over a solution to a perplexing problem. How do we provide Health Insurance to gym owners and their trainers? We discussed internally various options that could solve the challenge, but they fell short of solving our insurance issues completely. Enter NEXOSync – a solution that allows […]

Free Online Injury Reporting

At NEXO we are asked daily if we have a sample injury reporting document that our clients can implement in their daily procedures. The concept is easy to understand – when an athlete is injured it is important to document the injury, the care that was taken, who was around when the injury occurred, and […]

FAQs about Business Insurance for Gyms

Determining your insurance needs can sometimes feel difficult to untangle, especially when you’re running a complex business like a gym, which has a number of unique considerations. Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about business insurance for Gyms. What are the basic kinds of insurance I need for my […]


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