Employees vs. Independent Contractors

Employees vs. Independent Contractors

There is a lot of confusion on how to legally classify an individual who is working for you with regards to Workers’ Compensation. Are they a W-2 employee or a 10-99 contractor? Every state has a different definition of how to classify an employee or contractor and the way you classify them for tax purposes […]

Free Online Injury Reporting

At NEXO we are asked daily if we have a sample injury reporting document that our clients can implement in their daily procedures. The concept is easy to understand – when an athlete is injured it is important to document the injury, the care that was taken, who was around when the injury occurred, and […]

FAQs about Business Insurance for Gyms

Determining your insurance needs can sometimes feel difficult to untangle, especially when you’re running a complex business like a gym, which has a number of unique considerations. Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about business insurance for Gyms. What are the basic kinds of insurance I need for my […]


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