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Health Insurance Is Here

Over the last three years our team has obsessed over a solution to a perplexing problem. How do we provide Health Insurance to gym owners and their trainers? We discussed internally various options that could solve the challenge, but they fell short of solving our insurance issues completely. Enter NEXOSync – a solution that allows […]

What to Consider for CrossFit Gym Insurance

CrossFit, the elite fitness program may take different shapes at different fitness facilities, but there is a constant—the need for appropriate insurance. If you’re opening a CrossFit gym, or if you’re looking to integrate it into your services, it’s important to think about all the considerations and risks to make sure you have the proper […]

Free Online Injury Reporting

At NEXO we are asked daily if we have a sample injury reporting document that our clients can implement in their daily procedures. The concept is easy to understand – when an athlete is injured it is important to document the injury, the care that was taken, who was around when the injury occurred, and […]

Training Outside, Online, and Everywhere?

Many of us have been forced to change our business model. Whether we like it or not, Zoom classes, training in the park, or any other method of staying safe could be here for a while. The concept of online fitness programs is not new but until recently insurance companies have lagged in response to […]

FAQs about Business Insurance for Gyms

Determining your insurance needs can sometimes feel difficult to untangle, especially when you’re running a complex business like a gym, which has a number of unique considerations. Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about business insurance for Gyms. What are the basic kinds of insurance I need for my […]

What Type of Boxing Gym Insurance Do You Need

As a boxing gym owner, you’re probably concerned about the type of insurance you need to protect not only yourself but your members and any guests visiting your gym. The good news is that NEXO has many years of experience helping owners of boxing gyms with their insurance needs.  General Liability Insurance General liability insurance […]

When Should You Buy Fitness Business Insurance

When starting a gym business, there are a few things you should do to ensure it is successful. There’s securing a building, buying equipment, finding trustworthy and hard-working employees, and then marketing material. Something else you should do is get fitness business insurance to protect your assets. The timing of getting that insurance is important, […]

Adding COVID-19 Language To Your Gym Liability Waiver

The below information is not legal advice. We encourage gyms to contact an attorney should you have any questions concerning your Liability Waiver or any other concern related to the pandemic.  The liability waiver has always been an important step to gym owners while onboarding new clients. It’s a given; when you walk into a […]

5 Steps to Opening Your Gym as Safely as Possible

Consider the following: When you reopen your gym’s doors in the upcoming days or weeks, you’re taking on a risk. Period. The virus isn’t gone, nor is it going away in the next few months. Worst case scenario, you have an outbreak at your gym, people become sick or worse, and your reputation gets tarnished. […]

What Has Your Broker Done for You Lately?

The cost of Workers’ Comp Insurance has been skyrocketing for Affiliates. Historically Affiliates have been lumped together with fitness trainers from Globo-gyms, MMA, and others that didn’t represent the Affiliate landscape correctly. California recently introduced a group class training Class Code which is as much as 50% less expensive than the previous Class Code. Many […]